Discretionary solutions

With a discretionary mandate you delegate the day to day management of your portfolio to us along the lines of a selected investment strategy.

Which investment strategy is best suited to your investment objectives and risk profile?

You will find out together with your dedicated Relationship Manager, who will discuss with you your financial needs and goals, and help you to understand your risk tolerance and risk profile. Following your decision, our Senior Investment Managers will invest your assets in line with your chosen strategy and defined investment parameters. Your portfolio will be monitored on a daily basis by our investment team in accordance with a disciplined and rigorous risk management process. 

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will keep you informed about the investment decisions of UBP Investment Advisors’ Investment Committee and discuss your portfolio’s performance with you on a regular basis.

We have four investment strategies available.


Focus Mandates*:


Global Multi-Asset Class Strategy (GMAC): Our Global Multi-Asset Class solution (GMAC) is a set of US Dollar-denominated portfolios allocated across several major diversified asset classes essentially via US-listed ETFs and direct investments in stocks and bonds. Our Multi-Asset Class approach is actively managed and quality focused, investing mainly along traditional asset classes with potentially minor exposure to alternative assets. GMAC portfolios are essentially “long-only” and aim to compound capital growth and income, in order to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium term. The GMAC strategy has several investment profiles available that correspond to various risk profiles. 

Swiss & German Opportunities Strategy: Our Swiss & German solution represents a unique investment strategy focused on small- to mid-cap publicly traded Swiss and German companies. The primary investment objective is to achieve above-average, long-term capital growth by investing in an equity portfolio of 30-50 Swiss and German companies. Although companies we cover are niche players, they do tend to have strong brand awareness internationally

Eurozone Focus Strategy: This mandate focuses primarily on large-cap companies domiciled in the Eurozone. The Eurozone is home to many innovative and highly profitable businesses operating in various sectors. We think that Europe has a less efficient equity market than other developed market peers, with plenty of opportunities. Our data-based approach helps to identify attractive companies and detect changes in the fundamentals. We also apply a rigorous risk management strategy, which aims to preserve capital over the long term.

Swiss Focus Strategy: Many world market leaders and highly profitable businesses are domiciled in Switzerland. Our aim is to invest in an attractive set of such companies and participate in their growth opportunities. Our investment process is based on stringent stock selection and disciplined risk management, and this portfolio is diversified across industries and business models and typically has a focus on mid-cap companies.


*UBP Investment Advisors offers four investment strategies that a client can select in consultation with their Relationship Manager depending on the client’s Investor profile.


Investment minimum


—Discretionary solution: CHF 1,000,000


*Reference currencies


*Not all strategies are available for all Investor Profiles. Your Relationship Manager can help you select a strategy appropriate to your risk profile. 

*Not all strategies are available in all currencies. Your Relationship Manager can help you understand the currency related risks involved with investments denominated outside of your base currency



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