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Custody in Switzerland or abroad


We sponsor a Wrap Fee Program with our affiliated custodian bank, UBP AG. This means your assets will be held at UBP, which is among the top four non-listed family-owned private banks in the world. Its conservative risk-and balance sheet-management has given UBP a strong financial base with a Moody’s rating of Aa2. Moreover, its Tier 1 capital ratio of 25.3% makes it one of the best-capitalized banks in the industry.

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With UBP,  custody diversification is available and our clients have the option of booking their assets not only in Switzerland, but in many of the multiple booking centers UBP has in Europe and Asia such as the UK, Luxemburg, Monaco and more.

Further information concerning the custody services can be found in our ADV 2A Wrap Fee Program Brochure.

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Tax Documentation*


While UBP IAS does not provide tax advice, we work with our affiliated custodian to ensure tax reporting documentation they provide you with has all the information you or your tax return preparer needs to file your returns & fill out the FBAR form.


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