UBP Investment Advisors S.A. is dedicated to servicing American national or resident investors seeking globally diversified investment advice and wealth management solutions with a Swiss perspective. We provide managerial diversification, and leverage the strengths of our investment expertise, open architecture and multi-currency platform to give our clients increased opportunities for geographical, currency and managerial diversification.

We offer two types of investment approaches: discretionary and advisory portfolio management solutions, tailored to your personal Investment and Risk profiles based on your financial goals and needs.


Discretionary solutions:

With a discretionary mandate, you delegate the day to day management of your portfolio to us based on your Investment and Risk profiles. We have four solutions available to you.

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Other services:

Custody diversification through our affiliated custodian.

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Advisory solution:

This portfolio management solution is ideal for clients who seek investment advice, yet wish to make their own investment decisions.

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